Dear Smile Pop Family, 


This Smile Pop dream of mine wouldn’t have been possible without the amazing encouragement, love, and hard work of my parents.  For literally my entire life, they have self-sacrificed to put their kids first. 


Some of you may know my history and my story - if not, you can read about it under "Our Story ”!


I’ve had the unique opportunity to work along side my amazing Dad (known as "Pop" to his grandbabies) for the first 9 years of my career.  


He was THE pioneer in gentle pediatric dentistry.  He envisioned that every child could have a positive experience at the dentist and it didn’t have to be like the “old days.”  That surely there was a better way to do things than the status quo.  He thought outside the box and was the first to have life-sized vintage video games in his waiting room, the first to create a movie room for kids to enjoy, the first to have cozy chairs and a coffee bar in the waiting room for parents to enjoy.  He did these things long before they were the norm.  He didn’t replicate anyone else’s place- it was all him!


And I was just fortunate enough to be able to follow in his

awesome footsteps.  I know high quality and gentle dentistry

are possible thanks to him.  I will never think that just

because something hasn’t been done before means that it isn’t

possible - and that is because of him.  


He built his amazing practice based on love and respect for kids - he only ever did what was GOOD for his patients.  He did all the good things - and everyone loved him.  And they still do!  He will leave a legacy anyone would be proud to call their own. 


It’s hard to put into words how incredibly fortunate I feel to have been blessed

with this Dad of mine.  I have learned so many things from him - far too many to list here.  But I want everyone to know where I came from.  Because I am so PROUD of that.  


                                     And of course, the rock behind our entire family is my Mom.  None of this                                         could have happened without her incredible love for her family and her                                                 willingness to do what it takes.  She is Super Woman!  


                                       So just know, Smile Pop Family, that I will strive to take the very best

                                     care of you and yours.  I have learned from the best - and those lessons

                                   are etched in my heart forever.  


                                                                                                                                          Be blessed,