We have a truly gentle approach with all of our patients. 

Everything from the time you walk in until the time you walk out is important.  How your child is greeted, what it looks like, what it smells like, what words are used, what tone of voice is used (and at what volume), and what facial expressions we share.  Everything!  The things we do and say are specific and on purpose - all with the intention of creating a gentle, loving, and kind environment so your child feels good and safe.  Equally as important are the things we DON’T do and say! 


This approach allows us to focus on the heart and mind of your child FIRST, enabling us to create a positive experience. Once trust is established and your child feels good and safe, only then is it appropriate to move on to the teeth! 


If you child does not become comfortable (and we have tried all of our tricks!), we don’t “push” and we don’t move on to the dentistry.  Some parents worry that if their child does not cooperate now “We’ll never get anything done.”  


But rest assured that Dr. Meaghan has been using this approach for her entire career, and very rarely are they not able to gradually and gently gain the trust of their patients resulting in a positive dental experience while completing all the patient’s dental needs! 


Sometimes this approach means that we don’t get everything done that we intend to get done.  And that’s okay.  There is  always another day with another approach.  We want your child to leave our office happy and look forward to coming back the next time!  


Trust over fear can last a lifetime!