We guarantee our restorative work.

Dr. Meaghan is meticulous (and a little Type A!) when placing sealants, fillings, and other restorations for her patients.  She puts a lot of effort and time into ensuring an environment that is conducive to the highest quality dentistry.  When restorative work is placed by Dr. Meaghan - it is intended to stay for a very long time.

There are times a sealant or filling may need to be replaced.  As long as you are a regular patient of Smile Pop, Dr. Meaghan and her team will gladly replace it at no charge.  


In order to guarantee this, it is important and necessary for your child to see Dr. Meaghan every 6 months for monitoring of the restorations and follow-up with any recommendations to “touch-up” treated areas.  This will allow her to meticulously check each restoration and to correct potential small imperfections along the way.  This will usually prevent the need for full replacement and re-treatment of dental restorations.