Bring your baby to meet Dr. Meaghan around their 1st birthday. 


This is recommended by the AAPD and is complimentary in our office!  This appointment takes about 10-15 minutes and will allow Dr. Meaghan to take a quick peak at your child’s teeth to make sure everything is off to a great start.  The most important part of this visit is the opportunity to discuss how to keep your child’s smile super healthy.  The best time to establish those awesome healthy habits (and prevent cavities) is when your child is very young! 


Dr. Meaghan will give you all her secrets to keeping your baby’s smile poppin’ and cavity-free!  She will discuss diet (what your child eats and drinks, including bottle or breastfeeding), oral hygiene (how and when and with what to brush), and will talk about any thumb, finger, or pacifier habits if necessary! 


This visit will also establish your child as a patient just incase you may need us after hours for an emergency.  These appointments are best when scheduled in the morning.