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Our children have been going to Smile Pop since they were 3 (ages 5 and 8, now) and love this pediatric dentistry. They have video games and a movie room for them while they wait to be seen and are very friendly and kind with them while cleaning or performing X-rays. They even blow bubbles and give them a “magical wand” to hold for their first teeth cleaning. Both of my kids love it there and are most excited about Dr. Meghan’s prize wall filled with little trinkets to pick out after they’re done. It’s a lovely practice and we highly recommend them!

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First Impressions Matter

From babies to toddlers and tweens to teens, we love to create a first impression that has your child looking forward to every visit.

With video games, a movie room, bubbles, magic wands, and prizes – what child wouldn’t love it here?

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When should I bring my child to the dentist?

Is your baby or toddler under 3 years old? “Baby and Me” and “Quick Look” visits for babies and toddlers under the age of 3 are always complimentary at Smile Pop!

Baby & Me (Age 1)

Bring your baby to meet our team around their 1st birthday.

This is recommended by the AAPD and is complimentary in our office! This appointment takes about 10-15 minutes and will allow our team to take a quick peek at your child’s teeth to make sure everything is off to a great start. The most important part of this visit is the opportunity to discuss how to keep your child’s smile super healthy. The best time to establish those awesome healthy habits (and prevent cavities) is when your child is very young.

We will give you all our secrets to keeping your baby’s smile poppin’ and cavity-free! We will discuss diet (what your child eats and drinks, including bottle or breastfeeding), oral hygiene (how, when, and with what to brush), and will talk about any thumb, finger, or pacifier habits if necessary.

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This visit will also establish your child as a patient, just in case you may need us after-hours for an emergency. These appointments are best when scheduled in the morning.


Quick Look (Age 2)

Around age 2, we like to see your child for a complimentary Quick Look – which is just what it sounds like! At age 2, kids don’t give us much time to peek at their teeth, so we’ve got to be fast. We will take a very quick look at your child’s teeth to make sure we’re still on track for a healthy smile that pops!

At this visit, we will check to see how diet, oral hygiene, and any sucking habits (thumb, fingers, pacifier) are going. If we saw you for a “Baby and Me” appointment at age 1, most of this part will be refreshing and reviewing. If it is your first time meeting us, we will be sure to give you all of our cavity-fighting secrets so you can ensure a healthy and awesome smile for your little one!  

At this appointment, we start to lay the foundation for a positive experience – short and sweet. We like to allow your child to get used to dental visits and seeing our faces, so that they learn over time that this is a safe and fun place for them.

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If we start these types of appointments early, the likelihood of a successful and happy 1st check-up visit is greatly enhanced!

These appointments are best when scheduled in the morning (we call them “Magic Mornings”) as us parents all know there’s nothing magical about the afternoon when it comes to little ones.

First Check-Up (Age 3+)

Around age 3 to 3 1/2 is a good time to attempt the first checkup (cleaning, a detailed doctor’s exam, and fluoride treatment).  

We say “attempt” because not all 3-year olds are ready for us to do this right away. It is much more important to our team that your child have a positive 1st check-up experience than to “push through” and complete the cleaning appointment as planned with a patient who is worried or scared. Sometimes we only get an exam, or just the cleaning. And sometimes we don’t accomplish any of those things. If that is the case, that’s okay! When they come back in a few months, they will not have any bad memories of us, and we can try again!

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To increase the likelihood that this appointment will be successful, these appointments should be scheduled in the morning. We call these “Magic Mornings.” We think most parents would agree there is nothing “magical” about the afternoon when it comes to young children! 😄

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We can't wait to meet you & your child

Call (770) 599-7165 or request an appointment online to set up your first visit. We’ll be in touch soon.