Our Unique Approach

We believe dentistry can be easy for children if they are first given the chance to become comfortable. Dr. Meaghan and her team strongly believe that a positive experience is attainable for virtually all children.

Smile Pop kids storage area

Every experience I have had at Smile Pop has been wonderful!! The staff is so friendly and welcoming, not only to me but to my 2-year-old as well. They make him feel comfortable in a place that could easily be scary. And Dr. Meaghan is absolutely the BEST!! She engages with my child and introduces all of her equipment, even her gloves! She explains everything to me and prepares me for what to expect with my child’s mouth development. Highly recommend this practice!

Tara M.

We have a truly gentle approach with every child

We believe every moment matters for your child. How your child is greeted, what our practice looks like, what it smells like, what words are used, what tone of voice is used (and at what volume), and what facial expressions we share. Everything! The things we do and say are specific and on purpose – all with the intention of creating a gentle, loving, and kind environment so your child feels good and safe. We want your child to leave our office happy and look forward to coming back the next time!

Smile Pop young male patient holding a balloon
young male patient fist bumping a Smile Pop dental assistant

We rarely need to sedate a child for dental treatment

At Smile Pop, patient comfort starts with a positive experience, not sedation. With our unique approach, we earn kids' trust first by being gentle and encouraging. It takes extra patience and time, but it's worth it because – it works! When kids are smiling before, during, and after their visit with us we are all happy!

We are known for conservative treatment

Each child is different and deserves a thoughtful approach to what is best for them. All cavities do not need to be filled, and X-rays do not need to be taken every year for every child. We recommend treatment and X-rays in a way that utilizes our education, experience, and our patient’s individual  circumstances (age, dental development, dental history, oral hygiene, food choices, etc). This individualized approach does take a little extra time and brain power, but we are called to provide the highest level of service for our young patients–and to protect them. Treating each patient individually is the only way to do that!

Smile Pop dental assistant talking to a young smiling female patient

We take our time with you and your child

We are a small practice and don’t double-book our appointments. Time is reserved just for you and your child. You will always have the opportunity to speak with our team during your child’s dental appointments – whether they are in for quick looks, check-ups, or treatment-type appointments.

We guarantee our restorative work

​We are meticulous when placing sealants, fillings, and other restorations. Restorative work placed by our team is intended to stay for a very long time. However, when a sealant or filling needs to be replaced, we will gladly replace it at no charge for regular Smile Pop patients. This guarantee applies to children who visit every 6 months for monitoring of the restorations and follow-up with any recommendations to “touch-up” treated areas.

Dr. Meaghan holding the mirror up for a young female patient
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We can't wait to meet you & your child

Call (770) 599-7165 or request an appointment online to set up your first visit. We’ll be in touch soon.