Around age 3 to 31/2 is a good time to attempt the first checkup (cleaning, a detailed doctor’s exam, and fluoride treatment).  


We say “attempt” because not all 3-year olds are ready for us to do this right away.  It is much more important to Dr. Meaghan and her team that your child have a positive 1st check-up experience than to “push through” and complete the cleaning appointment as planned with a patient who is worried or scared.  Sometimes we only get an exam or just the cleaning.  And sometimes we don’t accomplish any of those things.  If that is the case, that’s okay!  We will try again in a few months.  When they come back the next time, they will not have any bad memories of us, and we can try again! 


To increase the likelihood that this appointment will be successful, these appointments should be scheduled in the morning.  Dr. Meaghan calls these “Magic Mornings.”  We think most parents would agree there is nothing "magical" about the afternoon when it comes to young children! 

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