Around age 2, we like to see your child for a complimentary “Quick Look.”  A Quick Look is just that!  Dr. Meaghan will take a very quick look at your child’s teeth to make sure we’re still on track for a healthy smile that pops!  At age 2, kids don’t give us much time to peak at their teeth, so we’ve got to be fast! 


At this visit, we will check in to see how diet, oral hygiene and any sucking habits (thumb, fingers, pacifier) are going.  If we saw you for a “Baby and Me” appointment at age 1, most of this part will be refreshing and reviewing!  


If it is your first time meeting us, Dr. Meaghan will be sure to give you all of her cavity-fighting secrets so you can ensure a healthy and awesome smile for your little one!  


At this appointment, we start to lay the foundation for a positive experience- short and sweet.  We like to “warm them up” a bit - allow them to get used to coming, get used to seeing our faces, and learn over time that this is a safe and fun place for them.  If we start these types of appointments early, the likelihood of a successful and happy 1st check-up visit is greatly enhanced!  These appointments are best when scheduled in the morning (we call them "magic mornings"!) as us parents all know there's nothing magical about the afternoon when it comes to little ones!